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Ifsc Code : DCBL0000166

Bank: Development Credit Bank Limited
Branch: Bhopal
City: Bhopal
District: Bhopal State : Madhya Pradesh
MICR Code: 462072001
Address: Dcbl0000166
Phone: Mr. Krishna Kant Yadav(branch Manager),phone 9009141786

Ifsc Code : DCBL0000152

Bank: Development Credit Bank Limited
Branch: Karmeta
City: Karmeta
District: Jabalpur State : Madhya Pradesh
MICR Code: 482072001
Address: Dcbl0000152
Phone: 9827055503

Ifsc Code : DCBL0000167

Bank: Development Credit Bank Limited
Branch: Bhubaneswar
City: Bhubaneswar
District: Khurda State : Orissa
MICR Code: 751072003
Address: Dcbl0000167
Phone: 7894444390

Ifsc Code : DCBL0000162

Bank: Development Credit Bank Limited
Branch: Nallapadu
City: Nallapadu
District: Guntur State : Andhra Pradesh
MICR Code: 520072102
Address: Dcbl0000162
Phone: 9963587841

Ifsc Code : DCBL0000161

Bank: Development Credit Bank Limited
Branch: Dhokheda
City: Dhokheda
District: Raisen State : Madhya Pradesh
MICR Code: 464072501
Address: Dcbl0000161
Phone: 9425193131

Ifsc Code : DCBL0000160

Bank: Development Credit Bank Limited
Branch: Bareja
City: Bareja
District: Ahmedabad State : Gujarat
MICR Code: 380072007
Address: Dcbl0000160
Phone: 9909021373

Ifsc Code : DCBL0000159

Bank: Development Credit Bank Limited
Branch: Tiruchirapalli
City: Tiruchirappalli
District: Tiruchirappalli State : Tamil Nadu
MICR Code: 620072002
Address: Dcbl0000159
Phone: 9791908507

Ifsc Code : DCBL0000158

Bank: Development Credit Bank Limited
Branch: Tambaram
City: Tambaram
District: Kancheepuram State : Tamil Nadu
MICR Code: 600072005
Address: Dcbl0000158
Phone: 8608391727

Ifsc Code : DCBL0000157

Bank: Development Credit Bank Limited
Branch: Pitampura
City: Pitampura
District: New Delhi State : Delhi
MICR Code: 110072010
Address: Dcbl0000157
Phone: 9654453478

Ifsc Code : DCBL0000156

Bank: Development Credit Bank Limited
Branch: Malerkotla
City: Malerkotla
District: Sangrur State : Punjab
MICR Code: 148072102
Address: Dcbl0000156
Phone: 9914300184

How to find Bank IFSC Code, MICR Code & Branch Addresses in India


Search Bank IFSC Codes in India!

You can search through 1,00,000+ IFSC Codes of 130+ Banks in India! We are making earnest efforts in keeping the information updated by adding IFSC codes of banks as they get available on RBI website.

How can I find IFSC Code for a Bank?

The easiest way to Find IFSC Code for Banks in India is to start by the Bank you are looking for. You can further filter List of IFSC Codes by State, District and City. Or you may directly key in first few characters of Branch Name, Locality or address. You can also try our FAST search to find Codes by Branch, Address or Locality. You can also Search by IFSC Code.

What is IFSC code?

The Indian Financial System Code (also known as IFSC) is a 11 character code for identifying the bank and branch which an account is held. The IFSC code is used both by the NEFT, RTGS and IMPS finance transfer systems.

What is IFSC NEFT transfer?

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is a nation-wide system that facilitates individuals, firms and corporates to electronically transfer funds from any bank branch to any individual, firm or corporate having an account with any other bank branch in the country. NEFT transfers are also referred as e-cheques as the funds are not transferred in real-time and the funds are settled in batches.

What is IFSC RTGS transfer?

'RTGS' stands for Real Time Gross Settlement, which can be defined as the continuous (real-time) settlement of funds transfers individually on an order by order basis (without netting). You need the IFSC Code to identify the Branch for which you will want to transfer funds using RTGS. Note all branches dont have IFSC Codes.

What is IFSC IMPS transfer?

'IMPS' is Immediate Payment Service and it is commonly known as Interbank Mobile Payment Service. IMPS uses IFSC codes to offer a number of fund transfer services instantly in a round the clock environment. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), which is an organization that regulates the retail payments in India, has provided this facility.

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